DollarFootage.com is a royalty-free stock video website project by Recal Media; an Australian film production company. 


We are film makers. We are also stock video producers. As such, we saw some major flaws from both sides which is what we are here to fix:

  1. Royalty Free stock video footage costs too much – so we decided to sell clips for only $1 each!
  2. Dealing with stock image/video companies was an absolute nightmare... So we decided to just start our own and provide a 10 X better service! 
Trying to source good quality clips at fair or low prices was seriously difficult. Other options meant having to sign up to long term membership plans which was also annoying.
Uploading our content to stock libraries was not only very time consuming but they would have crazy-long processing times, clunky interfaces, and dealing with their QC departments was about as fun as kicking ourselves in the face for hours on end.


How can the clips found on DollarFootage.com be used?

What can you do?

Our clips and images are all royalty free to use however you like. Once you purchase a product you can use it in your projects immediately and don’t even have to give credit to us for the content -but of course, we love it when you do!

This includes use in: Youtube videos, educational, personal projects, non-profit projects, for-profit projects,  commercial work etc.

You can be creative and edit them however you like and include them in your projects however you see fit.

What can’t you do?

1. You cannot re-sell our products. you cannot re-sell the clips or images in any form as they are. This includes uploading them to stock image libraries, selling them on your own website or any other form in which they are the primary product.

2. You cannot re-distribute our products without the express written permission of DollarFootage.com. This includes sharing with other people (online or offline), offering them as an opt-in reward, offering them for download on your own website or any other website, uploading to any video sharing service in their original form or very close to original form (unless you have express written permission from DollarFootage.com) If you want your friends/colleagues/associates to have the clips, just ask them to buy them from our website, they’re only $1 each afterall! 

This is all pretty obvious stuff, and we don’t like that we have to include it on our website, but just don’t miss-use our products and we will keep making them available to you for just $1. It’s pretty simple really..

Video Quality

Details about our stock videos and previews on the website.

Questions and Answers:

Q: When I view video previews there is a ‘dollarfootage.com’ watermark over the footage, is this watermark on the video if I buy/download it?

A: No, of course not! While the content of the video will be the same when downloaded, there is certainly NOT a watermark on the footage!

Q: Is the quality seen in the video previews the same quality as the product download if I purchase a video clip?

A: No. The preview video’s are heavily reduced quality for faster viewing online. The actual clips you download are totally separate and much higher quality.

Q: What quality are the stock video downloads?

A: It varies, slightly. We try to make sure customers can get the best quality, whilst still having an easy to use clip. They are generally;

  • RAW, straight from the camera
  • A HIGH-BITRATE H.264 MP4 export. 
  • A High Bitrate .MOV export (likely photojpeg for Animations)

Q: What program are the stock video clips edited in/exported from?

A: If a clip isn’t RAW (ie: unedited, straight from camera) then the clips are edited and exported from Adobe Premiere CC or Adobe After Effects

Q: What resolution are the stock video clips?

A: This varies depending on the clip. Each clip will list the exact resolution in the item description. The most common resolutions are:

  • HD: 1280 X 720 (generally only for slow motion clips)

  • FULL HD: 1920 X 1080 (most common)

  • 4K Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 



*Did you have a question which wasn’t answered here? If so, please feel free to email us at: admin@dollarfootage.com and we will respond ASAP!